1. The server of this game is a non-profit, and is solely intended for informational and entertainment character. All the characters of the game along with their ammunition and parameters are part of the game, rather than someone else's property.
  2. The administration has no personal obligations to the game server users, everything is done on a voluntary basis by the Administration.
  3. The Administration of the right at any time, without giving any reason, to stop providing services to a particular user, subnet, or in general to stop the work of the service.
  4. In the event of a server crashes, the administration is taking the necessary steps to improve its capacity in the shortest possible time.
  5. The Administration is not responsible for the loss of the gaming values that have occurred as a result of ignorance of the rules of the game, hacking accounts, fraudulent activities on the part of other players, non-compliance with conservation measures in the Safety password-Account player, the server fails.
  6. the service user has the right to file a complaint to the appropriate section of the forum, in case of violation against him any points of this agreement other players by providing the relevant evidence (screenshots, etc.).
  7. The user has no right to publicly accuse the other players without giving evidence. Such complaints will be ignored.
  8. Administration reserves the right to monitor and intervene in the process of the game.
  9. the service user is obliged to comply with the requirements of the administration and to follow those rules.
  10. Ignorance of these rules is no excuse for violating them.
  11. The administration reserves the right to make changes to the code of practice without giving reasons and goals of these changes.
  12. By registering the game account, you automatically agree to the news subscription by sending email.
  13. All players must independently track changes in these rules.


The interaction with the administration.

  1. Before you ask a question, please read: Do not have the answer to your question in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Try to find an answer in the manual or ask around other players.
  2. Try to describe your problem briefly and clearly as possible in a smaller number of messages. Write two messages only when one does not fit.
  3. For a speedy solution to the problem, grant LGU maximum amount of information about the issue in a clear and concise manner. If you want to refer to previous conversations - summarize their essence.
  4. It is forbidden to disrespect to the Administration Server, as in the forum and in the game.
  5. prohibited threats, requests, etc. in the address of the server's Administration as the forum and in the game.
  6. is forbidden to interfere in the work of GMs.
  7. Prohibited wrangling with GMom. Actions and decisions of the GM may be considered and challenged only at the reception. a PM or private message on the forum.
  8. It is forbidden to enter the GM deliberately misleading.
  9. It is forbidden to discuss, demand for the abolition of punishment imposed GMom. Forbidden also request the cancellation of penalties imposed by other GMom.
  10. It is forbidden to ask the GMs of any assistance that is not related to server errors, violations of rules of the game, returned or gave you any game values.
  11. banned publication of interviews with GMom or their content without prior consent.
  12. Forbidden disclosure of confidential or compromising information about GMah and Administration.
  13. Forbidden Clan and Party (last - with the exception of the personal consent of the GM) request MCM.
  14. Prohibited attack and change of state (buffs, debuffs) the GM during Eventov, sieges or other events.
  15. prohibited attempts to violate the rules or failure of the opening event, held GMom.



  1. prohibited any action that may entail - a failure or incorrect operation of the server.
  2. Forbidden to use third-party software (including third-party bot programs) and scripts that violates or in any way harmful to the game server, or in order to obtain the benefits of your character in the game process.
  3. It is forbidden to use automatic mechanisms (bots) in any form, whether it be trade bot, bot, or on another server in the second window.
  4. It is forbidden to use the server error ( bugs ). Under the error refers to any activity not covered by the gameplay and aimed at extracting personal gain.
  5. The player is required to immediately inform the Administration about the noticed bugs, errors, defects or game server software. And as for the perpetrators of such errors. Hiding this information is regarded as complicity.
  6. banned the sale and purchase anything from the game for real money or vneigrovyh sale and exchange of items in any form. For real money includes not only cash, but the wire transfers in any currency, including the money of different payment systems - webmoney, E-gold and other.
  7. You may not assign your account to an outside party.
  8. It is forbidden to impersonate other players, or members of another clan administration.
  9. is forbidden to create characters with names similar to the names of the GMs / Executives (as well as GM, Support, etc).
  10. It is forbidden to give his characters the nickname of a meaningless set of letters and symbols.
  11. Forbidden death threats -. The threat of physical harm to the owner of a game character, a solution of game problems by violent means by personal interview players
  12. It is forbidden to use profanity in the game, in an explicit or disguised, but it is easy to guess the form.
  13. Prohibited flood (repetitive or pointless messages) in game chat.
  14. The Administration is not responsible for any errors (not care) players entering trade relations.

    When the violation of any rules, the administration reserves the right to select the penalty at its own discretion.

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